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Lawyers Work with People in Gulf Coast Areas Affected by the 2010 Oil Spill

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacted a large amount of coastal regions

The crisis that began in April of 2010 with an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform and continued for 87 days released an incredible amount of oil and stands as one of the worst environmental disasters the world has ever seen. It cost 11 people their lives and wounded 17 more. Thousands of people have been sickened by the effects of oil and chemicals released into the Gulf of Mexico waters.

The shores of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Florida continue to see the effects of that oil spill. At the height of the crisis, an area the size of the state of Minnesota was off-limits to non-emergency craft. Five million barrels of oil and 2 million pounds of dispersants were released into the Gulf Coast waters. The Downs Law Group represents people whose property or health has been damaged by the oil spill. If you live in the areas affected, our firm is prepared to advise you on your specific options for legal recovery.

Zone A covers the areas that suffered the most damage

Areas designated as Zone A are considered to be those that would receive the highest volume of oil and related damage. Zone A areas are beachfront locations, extending half a mile from the water. Zone A areas include:

  • Louisiana: all of Grand Isle, Louisiana
  • Mississippi: The Mississippi Sound between Pascagoula and Waveland, and Cat, Ship and Horn Islands
  • Alabama: San Souci Beach, Dauphin Island and Gulf Shores
  • Florida: The Florida coast from the Alabama border to Port St. Joe and the barrier islands on the Gulf Coast, including St. Vincent Island, Little St. George Island and Dog Island

If you are a resident in Zone A, you are entitled to certain levels of medical benefits, depending on the nature of your condition and any property damage that was incurred by the oil spill.

Zone B covers marshy areas and bayous that were significantly affected

Areas in Zone B also potentially received a significant amount of damage. Zone B’s terrain, however, is marshland or bayou. Zone B areas extend one mile from the sections designated on a map of the area. Those areas designated as Zone B include:

  • Louisiana: The barrier section of land surrounding Vermilion Bay and as far north as Harmon Lake, most of southern Louisiana from Lake Borgne to the Atchafalaya Delta, and Breton Sound and the Chandeleur Islands
  • Mississippi: An area from St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge through the Pearl River Island to Lakeshore, and from Jackson to the Alabama border, as far north as Pecan
  • Alabama: Zones in Alabama that extend from the border of Mississippi to Bayou La Batre and as far north as Alabama’s Coastal Connection, Coden, Mobile and Alabama Port

While Zones A and B are limited to only certain parts of the coast in four states, cleanup personnel in Texas are also eligible for compensation.

Contact our firm for a free initial consultation about areas affected by the 2010 BP oil spill

The BP oil spill affected an enormous swath of land. Zone B areas are especially affected, as oil permeated bayous that extend tens of miles inland. Many residents may be located within one of these zones without even realizing it. The Downs Law Group represents people harmed by the BP oil spill. If you have questions about which areas are eligible for compensation, our lawyers can explain the system for settlement applications to you in a way that is easy to understand. Contact us at 305-444-8226 or online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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